De Gennes 2022 Prize

The International Jury has awarded the 2022 Pierre Gilles de Gennes Prize
To Professor Andela Saric ( ) for her remarkable 
Research and insights in areas ranging from Chemical Physics to 
Biophysics and Beyond … and her invited talk will be entitled:
How to split a droplet into two: 
the physics of cell division across evolution
The spirit of the conference is perhaps best illustrated by the life-work of the late Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, whose interests were covering superconductivity, polymers, wetting, memory and many other fascinating topics. He was a friend who supported our conference vision, and gave talks in 2006. He was a brilliant scientist that will be remembered forever. To his honour, and with the approval of his family, we have introduced a regular Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Prize.

The Pierre-Gilles de Gennes  Prize is pluridisciplinary: The best candidate is a person, who has completed a Ph.D. in solid state sciences in recent years (roughly, less than 12 years ago) and who is now successfully continuing her/his research and career in bio or nano-bio field of science.

The candidates for the prize should be proposed by -Date to be announced-
Please send a brief letter justification to:

The distinguished international jury will choose the winner who will receive the prize and give a special talk on the 3rd day of the conference!  

If you are in doubt, or have some question, please,  just send us an Email.