Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we had to shift our conference to June 4 to 11, 2021

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Dear Colleagues,

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, this year we were obliged to shift our conference ”From Solid State to BioPhysics X: From Basic to Life Sciences’’, to June 5-12, 2021. Closely following the situation, with the promises of tested vaccines, we truly hope, that we can maintain this date. More than ever we all need the friendly Mediterranean ambience of the conference! Hence, for organizational reasons, we would highly appreciate if you could kindly confirm your participation.


NOTE: If worse comes to worst, and travelling is still hindered by early spring, we may prefer to postpone the whole event for one more year (i.e. to June 11-18. 2022.), rather than to zoom it. The final decision will be taken in the first week of April and announced here at our web page: http://dubrovnik.epfl.ch/

Looking forward to hearing from you, many thanks,

Aleksandra Rađenović (Switzerland) nano-bio chair,

Neven Barišić (Austria & Croatia) solid state chair,

Slaven Garaj, (Singapore) nanoscience chair,

Igor Štagljar (Canada) bio-med chair,

László Forró & Davor Pavuna, EPFL, co-chairs